Anonymous asked;
Because you two look so adorable together! And mun (obviously) has a great mind cuz she thought of this muse and your muse is just so kind to others ((I'm so so so sorry that didn't make sense at all)) so you two would be good together!

[[aww anon thank youu quq ♡♡]]

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Anonymous asked;
((Is the 'I ship you with...' thing still going on?)) I ship you with mun! ovo


"what makes you ship us?"

[[it really is the first time we ever got this ship! do you mind shearing with us why?]]

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[[Hi there everyone! as you can see I have my laptop back! but unfortunately yesterday my cousin tackled me and I fell downstairs and bye bye functional arm— I’m still trying to draw with my other one but as you can see above the results are not so good either //oTL so I am taking a short break just until my arm is back in shape by then will I be back as in really really back //sob please bear with me quq <3 but anywho have a good day! <3]]

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"how about we get some coffee inside!"

[ 113 ]

alfie QAQ //pulls sleeve

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Anonymous asked;
May I please f**k your face, dear sir?


"you’re not welcomed here!"

[ 42 ]

"so salty."

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Anonymous asked;
Can we be friends? :D


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Anonymous asked;
I think you and detective would look cute together c:


[ 39 ]

[[Thank you for all the questions! >u< <3]]

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russian-vodka-flowers asked;
Excuse me Sir but you sell flowers Da?

ofcourse we do, this is a flower shop ;u;

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Anonymous asked;
You should go see if Detective Kirkland is back at his office c:

"maybe I will come by sometime and bring him bread quq"

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lady-hen asked;
cluck cluck, What about chickens? i know i can eat most of those but may eat here? i can give you eggs as payments


[ 29 ]

"one..two.. Happy birthday Anna dear ( kitanniaangle ) ! I hope you have a great great day ahead, sorry for the late ;u; heres a flower for you <3”

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