"um, you are looking at florist mister-"

"What’s that, kid?"


F: “No, you see-“
P: “Wait.. Don’t tell me you’re lost?!”

F: This guy..

[[ Here we see Player who tried to look cool without glasses for Florist

and how that decision backfires horribly ]]

"What do you need with him anyway mister?"

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[[sorry my fashion sense is a little below zero //sob]]

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"would you like to stay here for a while? my bed is small but I can shift a bit!"


hup hup it’s been a while since I drew something like this!


hup hup it’s been a while since I drew something like this!

ask-florist-jones asked: "May I get a review too? Thank you in advancee quq/"


First Impression: Beautiful, cute blog

Art: ★★★★☆
Story: ★★★★☆
Character: ★★★★★
Theme: ★★★★☆
Music: ★★★★☆
Update intervals: ★★★★☆
Oragnization/Tags: ★★★★☆
OOC-less posts: ★★★★☆

Final Impression: Good art, clearly improved and the colour is vibrant and gentle in the eyes. Events and story well organized. Theme simple and clean, though other links took awhile to be found. Surprisingly have few OOC post. Updates 1-5 in 1 day, sometimes none.

Would follow? = No / Maybe not / Undecided / Maybe yes / Yes

[[Ahh thank you so much!! >

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"But thats so sweet of you! try other flower shops first. if you still can’t find them you can come back here, I’ll see if I can order them for you ;u;"

Slyth’s click and drag game results (i forgot to post D: )



Dang straight, i should visit those so called Casinos in the muggle world. I’LL GET FREAKING RICH. though i kissed myself DDDD: like ew. why would i do that? COZ I’M FREAKING AWESOME?! SOUNDS LEGIT.


[To have hitman as an Enemy it could go like this— maybe— AMG SORRY ALLY— ELLIE— /)(\]